French Macarons By Divino

In 2003 Divino Gelato Cafe was established in downtown Waukesha, WI. Divino has been known to have some of the best Gelato certainly in Wisconsin but even the United States. Divino has been featured in the USA Today and the NY Times. Since 2003, we have opened three additional locations in Racine, WI, Brookfield Square Mall and Mayfair Mall.

In 2014, I began to explore adding French Macarons to our retail location offerings. I originally thought about purchasing them and reselling in our cafes. This option I quickly eliminated as I tried many many French Macarons and felt we could make much better Macarons.

I began to work in creating French Macarons in early 2014, the process of creating great French Macarons is far from easy and I stumbled many times along the way in developing the recipes and the process. But I finally succeeded with a process and recipes that we have been able to reproduce with high quality on a daily basis.

In 2015, we began to offer French Macarons in  our four retail locations. They became a hit immediately. My chefs now produce them daily in three kitchens to keep up with demand.

Since we have had such high retail on-site demand, now in 2018, we are offering our delicious Macarons to on-line customers.

We hope you place an order soon and enjoy the beautiful and delicious French Macarons by Divino.

Sincerely,  Lori Lester, owner and head chef